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News of October 2004


October 26
Site update
New pages have been added to the
'3T old pictures' section.

October 20
Today T-Rio got interviewed by French radio station Cocktail FM. They announced their single with 3T will be released in France November 23. The video will be shot in Los Angeles on November 8.

October 20
The song "If You Leave Me Now", by T-Rio and 3T, has been send out to several radio stations in France. Click here to see pictures of this (promo) single.
[Source: Forum of Chapter II: 3T Fanclub]

October 14
News from French record label TF1
It's been informed by TF1 Musique "Without You" won't be released. If it all goes well, their new single will probably be "If You Leave Me Now" - a duet with T- Rio (three Brazilian girls). A possible promotion tour might be planned aswell.
This hasn't been confirmed yet.
TF1 Musique wanted the fans to know they haven't given up on 3T, as many fans may have thought of. 3T's career isn't over, they are still working on music.
[Source: TNG Fanclub]
To listen to a sample of "If You Leave Me Now", click on the picture below.

October 14
Site update
A new tag board has been added to this page, feel free to leave messages :)

October 6
Explanation from Dutch record label Digidance
Many fans wonder what's happening with 3T and why we’re still awaiting information on upcoming releases or promotional activities. Well, as far as Holland goes, here’s a short explanation from Digidance why we shouldn’t expect any releases from 3T any time soon.

Digidance have tried to promote "Sex Appeal", but unfortunately several radio stations didn’t want to support the single and that resulted in a chart position not higher than 30. For the planned re-release of "Sex Appeal" the record company thought they had arranged for enough support for the single from several parties in the industry, but it turned out they eventually withdrew that support again. Also, in France the planned release of the third single "Without You" has been cancelled and that means Digidance did not receive a video to promote the single. Also, the recordings of a music video with the high quality standards that 3T are used to, is too expensive to make, just for a release in Holland.
At the moment, Digidance is in talks with several parties to solve this situation, but it will be hard. Without the international help and support, the financial reality of the current music industry makes it impossible for Digidance to go on and invest on their own in more singles, videos, etc.
Unless this situation will be solved, Digidance is very sorry, but they can"t continue any promotion for 3T.

[Source and text by: Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub]

October 1
"Sex Appeal" won't be re-released. This has been informed by the Dutch record company. Also, there are no plans to release a new single any time soon.

October 1
"Identity" has been released in Germany!
Unfortunately "Stuck On You" is no longer stuck in the German Top 100 singles charts.

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