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News of June 2004


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June 28
Chart update Holland (week 27):

Stuck on you

       Top 100: #47 (last week 32)


June 23
Sex Appeal was the "openingsdans" at Radio Donna this morning (for more information check the news of june 18). The DJ said the song was requested by a group; six girls. He said it seemed as if it was a joint decision to request the song together. He ended by telling the names of the ones who requested Sex Appeal.
June 21
A short interview in Yes, a dutch magazine, this week.
June 21

Chart update Holland (week 26):

Stuck on you

       Mega Top 50: - (last week 45)

       Top 100: #32 (last week 22)

June 18
3T poster in two dutch magazines: Break Out and Hitkrant.

June 18
Next wednesday, may 23, you can listen to Sex Appeal on Radio Donna (Belgian radio station). Sex Appeal will be the "openingsdans" (the first dance) of that day at 6am.
The "openingsdans" is a song requested by listeners. We, the ones who requested Sex Appeal, got notified about this date.
So tune in on Radio Donna next wednesday to actually hear Sex Appeal on the radio, instead of hearing it on CD.

June 14

Chart update Holland (week 25):

Stuck on you

       Top 40: - (last week 33)

       Mega Top 50: #45 (last week 36)

       Top 100: #22 (last week 17)

Sex Appeal

       Top 100: - (last week 83)


       Album Top 100: - (last week 98)
June 13
The news section on the official 3T site has been updated.

Official 3T site

June 8
Vote for 3T:

Hit-Musique single Top 20 (France)

June 8

Chart update Holland (week 24):

Stuck on you

       Top 40: #33 (last week 21)

       Mega Top 50: #36 (last week 29)

       Top 100: #17 (last week 13)

Sex Appeal

       Tipparade*: - (last week 3)

       Top 100: #83 (last week 66)


       Album Top 100: #98 (last week 60)

June 3
Site update:
You can find more pictures of 3T in the 3T picture section.

June 3
3T in two dutch TV guids this week:
"Veronica Magazine" and "Tros Kompas".
June 1

Chart update Holland (week 23):

Stuck on you

       Top 40: #21 (last week 15)

       Mega top 50: #29 (last week 24)

       Top 100: #13 (last week 8)

Sex Appeal

       Tipparade*: #3 (last week 4)

       Top 100: #66 (last week 37)


       Album top 100: #60 (last week 55)
June 1
Win the "Sex Appeal" single
on the site of KidsPlanet (Dutch):
The contest has already been there since May 21. The winners will be announced on June 4. So hurry and answer the question :)











*The Tipparade is a so called chart for "upcoming hits" before they enter the Top 40 and Mega Top



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