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News of December 2006


December 31
We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year! :D

December 31
3T left a message on their official MySpace page:
We wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year. See you soon in 2007.
Taj Taryll TJ
Also, Taj wrote a message about TJ's MySpace:
Hey Everyone, Taj here.
Just to avoid any confusion.
Tj's official and only myspace page at the moment is
I should know, I created it for him awhile back... and Yes, Tom and I are his only friends at the
Any other page or address is simply NOT him. You have now been warned :-)
Please help spread this around.


December 28
Taryll added a new track to his MySpace music, it's called "One Last Time". Click here to listen to this new song!

December 25
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

December 23
Taryll added new music to listen to! Check it out at his MySpace profile. It's a compilation of "What's Behind Your Name?, Tonight, So In Love, You're Gonna Be My Girl, I'm Not Gonna Be.", titled 2007.

December 21
Cameron (Friend of Taj) updated his MySpace profile. He added a new home video, episode 2, of their trip to France. Check it out!

December 10
Site update
New video of the month!

December 4
TNG Fanclub reports that Taryll produced a song for Melissa Walton.
She appeared on Making the band 2, Star Search and American Idol.
The song is called "I'll Be There" and can be listened to on Melissa Walton's MySpace:

December 3
A friend of Taj, Cameron Schiller, has added a home video to his MySpace page. On these home videos you can follow them (Cameron and Taj) on their trip to France. Check out the first episode! And stay tuned for more...

December 2
The official website of 3T,, will be renewed. They left this message:
Until the new is finished and launched, please visit our official
myspace page for recent 3T news and updates.
The official MySpace page of 3T has been changed as well. Click on the link to check it out!

December 1
Tito Jackson gave an interview to the television show "This Morning" from the UK. He also talked about 3T. The following was said:
Interviewer: "You're a busy man, it's really lovely of you to join us, what have you been up to lately?"
Tito: "Oh I've been recording with my sons, 3T, they're producing an album on me. We're in the process of putting a father and son show together, we wanna come to the uk... So we're looking forward to doing that. And anybody that wants to know more about it, you know, we're gonna be putting some things up at my website So that's exciting for us."
[Thanks to: Em-Jay for the news and video.]

December 1
Taryll added a new song to his Myspace page. It's called "So In Love". Click here to check it out :)

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