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News of January 2006


January 22
Unreleased 3T songs
You've probably heard it already, but came up with some exclusive news. They found snippets of two songs 3T recorded which weren't released. The songs are called:
  • Do You Know (Fool For Your Love) - This song was written and recorded for "The Lost Album". This album (not titled) was supposed to be their second album to be released by Sony. Unfortunately it never made the stores because of problems between Michael Jackson (MJJ Music) and Sony Music.
  • Seems Like Yesterday - A demo that was recorded in between "The Lost Album" and "Identity".


January 2
Site update
New video of the month :)

January 1
The news section on has been updated. There's a message of 3T, a confirmation of the reality show and news about Taj. He got injured playing a game of flag football. We hope you get well soon Taj!

Yes, the rumors are true.

3T have just confirmed that they are indeed putting together a reality show in the U.S.A.
The show, not yet titled, will follow the guys around in their daily life as they prepare and record their next album. The show will also chronicle "what it is really like being a 'Jackson' in America".

Taj is injured playing sports

Taj is now wearing a cast on his left foot. He recently rupture his left achilles tendon playing a game of flag football with his close friends and brothers. He had to undergo surgery to fix the tendon and is now at home recuperating. His rehabilitation could take six to 12 months.


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